Hey Bluberri babes, I want to start by saying thank you for shopping with us!

A little about myself, I am from Baton Rouge, LA and since I was a teenager I’ve had a passion for not only fashion, but helping women achieve confidence through fashion.  I was lucky enough to spend a few years in retail while in college and able to refine my skills in high end boutiques, and have decided to turn this passion into a full-time dream. I couldn't continue doing this without all of our amazing customers and your continued support but I also could not do this job without these girls that work with me and continue making your shopping experience nothing less than the best! 

Bluberri was started to source great quality and on trend clothing. Through this I hope to provide the same service and confidence to women at an affordable price. The team here at Bluberri looks forward to this journey with you, and we are here to not only source high quality, trendy clothes, but to ensure you are styled to perfection.